CBC: The Little Book of Red Tape (a.k.a. The Rule Book)

CBC: The Little Book of Red Tape (a.k.a. The Rule Book)

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The time has come to announce that your Royal Highnesses will be stepping down from their posts as Almighty Beacons of Beauty and Grace, and Lucy. 

In their honor, the castle in which they resided will be sealed up, brick by brick, and the residence known as the Chicklit Bookclub will live on only in memory.

All of which is to say, we greatly enjoyed running the CBC and collaborating with such talented, smart and dedicated writers. Although at one point we thought the CBC could rise from the ashes and we would reinvent ourselves bigger and better, we must reluctantly admit that our priorities now lie elsewhere and that the CBC will not have its planned resurrection. 

We will both continue to be active on Wattpad and hope to keep our CBC relationships strong and vibrant. The bookclub is no more, but our goals and vision for what ChickLit can be exist far outside of this club. We will continue to incorporate them into our writing, and we know you will, too.

Good luck, and godspeed, and go treat yo'self.

Ever Brilliant,

Your Almighties