The Girl of the Wild {Part 1 The Wildflower Series}

The Girl of the Wild {Part 1 The Wildflower Series}

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A mask protects you. Defines you. But a mask only fools people on the outside. Pretending you're someone you're not changes you.

My whole life, I thought I knew who I was. A warrior, a protector of the weak, someone meant to do something incredible. Then suddenly, I'm uprooted. I'm no longer in the place where I thought I belonged. Everyone starts to tell me I'm someone else. A warrior becomes a monster. A protector becomes an enemy. And the idea of doing something great, it's lost in translation. 

But then there are those select few. Those who see beyond the scars and battle wounds. Beyond the painful past... beyond the mask. Those are the ones to be fighting for.

Part 1 of "The Wild Flower series"

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jazzymuse jazzymuse Jul 21, 2017
Why does the building always freakin explode when people go back for the others?!?!?!?!?!
The_Scarlet_Witch The_Scarlet_Witch Nov 26, 2016
Screw yoda! I turning to Dindingwe the next time I need advice about whether or not I should kill Barry Allen for being an idiot and messing with the timeline. You know, I bet Trump is his fault.