Suga Arranged Marriage Oneshot

Suga Arranged Marriage Oneshot

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You were already in bed by the time he was home. You understood his situation, where he was a idol and it was not easy for him, so you made him meals and did the housework like a dutiful wife. You guys we're only married for company purposes anyway. But you saw how he really is, and his true persona, and you completely fell for him after that. 

But after you and Suga got married, it was like a silent marriage. You always stayed up until he came back, but he never knew. Your meals that were cooked, always attached with a sticky note to warm it up before eating, as well as health tonics and soups to boost his energy. But he never touched them.

They we're always left on the table, the same place as yesterday. Nothing touched at all. You sighed.

'What was the point of making all these encouraging notes and food then? We don't even talk to each other... Is this even fit to be called a marriage? ' 

Sigh. I think even if I left he wouldn't even have noticed. 

He was always going into his...

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