A Cowboy's Secret

A Cowboy's Secret

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Jessica Llewellyn By JessicaLlewellyn Updated Nov 29, 2016

Jay was a hardbody cowboy from bear paw country in montana. He was quiet, reserved and down right sexy. Brian was a highschool student who moved their a year ago with graduation right around the corner. In the last couple of months they had more history then most people put together. You'd think it'd all be okay now, well not exactly. You can only know someone as much as they let you in, Jay knew Brian like the back of his hand he was so open and honest. Brian knew jack all about Jay when it came down to it. 

Everyone has secrets. 

Just some secrets have the ability to tear you apart. Which Jay just let happen, without a single notice to anyone but his mother, Brian leaves the state to attend school, where he'll create new friendships and face Jay's past without even being asked, everyones darkness has a way of finding you. Even when Jay tried his damnest to keep him away from it all, perhaps keeping him closer was what he had should of done. No turning back now.

((PS. You can view the cast in chapter one!))

- - Jun 09, 2015
I just can't believe you don't have a truck load of comments already. I am personally excited for more of this story. Hope you don't mind but I'm going to PM you about this.