Twin Toys (bxb, twincest)

Twin Toys (bxb, twincest)

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"Detention!" Mr. Knox yelled. Tomorrow was the last day of school, I couldn't wait to be out of this hell hole. "Mr. Jaynes!" The principal looked at me with fire in his eyes "if you ever are caught doing that on school property again there will be consequences" I rolled my eyes 

~Flashback cause why the hell not~

My sweet Kyler, the naughty things we are going to do this summer I bit my lip, damn it, why now. I looked around at the bored students, Mrs. Taylor is grading papers and I'm all the way in the back

I slowly stuck my hand down my shorts and grabbed hold off my throbbing member, thoughts of Kyler came flowing into my mind as I hesitantly started pumping

Trying not to make any sounds I used my free hand to continue my work. I moaned softly, immediately panicking. I stopped writing and let my right hand take over 

My mind was completely away from the real world when all of a sudden I heard a yelp from the person next to me "Oh my fucking god! Tyler is wanking!" My ...

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Capicorn1001 Capicorn1001 Dec 19, 2017
Getting dressed? There better be some serious flash backing on the yaoi details up in here