Demons in Heaven

Demons in Heaven

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The bell rang signifying the start of class. Mr. Thomas had us pull out our chemistry books just as she walked in. 

"Class this is Rebecca. She will be joining us for the rest of the year," Mr. Thomas said.

I looked around to see where she was going to sit, until I realized that the only seat was next to me.

God not over, not over here, I pleaded inside my head. Of course, she started to make her way towards me.

"Can I sit here?" She asked. I moved my things out of the chair next to me, her chair.

"I'm Rebecca," she whispered to me as she took a seat.

"Yeah I know. Mr. Thomas just told us," I replied. God this was going to be a long period.



I quietly took my seat next to the boy. Gabriel had said to us that we would be tested by humans, but I didn't imagine it would happen this quickly.

I pulled out the book that was given to me by the kind lady in the office. I could hear her Prayers a...

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