Wonderwall » Stiles Stilinski

Wonderwall » Stiles Stilinski

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Artemis J. Pendragon By OMGitsJustine Updated May 17, 2016

❝ You can hear it in the silence, silence
       You can feel it on the way home, way home
          You can see it with the lights out, lights out
             You are in love, true love
                You are in love... ❞

                                                                 [  won - der - wall  ]
                                       -   Someone you find yourself thinking 
                                            about all the time, the person you 
                                            are completely infatuated with. 

Sara Sandoval lives a pretty normal life. She gets good grades in school, she hangs out with best friends Stiles and Scott, she shops with girl best friend Lydia, she has a good relationship with her dad, there's nothing that ever pointed to her having an abnormal life.

That was until the day before her sophomore year when Stiles and Scott dragged her into the woods in search of a dead body. This ends in Scott getting turned into a werewolf and a whole new world being opened up before their eyes that they only thought existed in bad horror movies and episodes of supernatural. 

Throughout this whole entire revelation of the supernatural, Sara still manages to find herself doing something normal, well as normal as it can be: falling for her best friend. 

{follows season one} 
{i own nothing except for my character Sara Sandoval and her plots}

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Wait are you talking about me ? Because yes...😂😂✌🏼
dalyaffja25 dalyaffja25 Mar 20
to solve that problem you just have to go to wattpad and read fanfiction about that series
I sooo did this with Teen Wolf - I watched all the seasons within about 5-6 days!!!
                              I do it with all my shows, but I was very proud of that :)
NickeshaShevaniqueHa NickeshaShevaniqueHa Mar 27, 2016
U have a word spelt wrong but I don't want to check u for it because some ppl don't like that
Melisa_Q Melisa_Q May 22, 2016
I thought he said salvotor i was yay is she damon and stefans little sister!!!! But then i re-read it
That_Unique_Reader That_Unique_Reader Apr 09, 2016
Anyone seen Justice League vs Teen Titans yet. Damian is baeeeee