All Of Me

All Of Me

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-winter soldier- By phoebesching Updated Aug 23

To bare your soul to someone. To trust them with your heart and deepest insecurities. To depend on them to lead and protect you when it is needed. To hold on and keep fighting through all life's trials. To believe and have faith that you will get through life together. 

To give all of yourself. To feel stronger and proud in each others presence. To lean on them in the rough. To never stray from one another. To forgive and have faith in each other. 

That's love.

. . . .

"I loved you so freaking much. I trusted you, gave you all of me.. I gave you the one thing I kept protected for so long. My heart."

"I'm sorry," He whispers softly to me. The pain, hurt, sadness, and regret that reflected in his eyes made me want to give in.

I wiped away a tear as I laid a hand upon my-still- flat stomach, "I know you are and so am I. I'm sorry that you couldn't see what you had in front of you and I'm so sorry that I let myself hold onto you for too long." 

|Book 1: The A-Series|

Ok finally a nice decent man approache'd rosie and told her she was beautiful which made rosie smile and paid her more attion to her rosie told him her name  and he told her his name was landan.hopefully landan is nothing like her husband or working for him and trying to keep an eyeout on her.
Cheating is the worst thing could ever happened in a marriage. Why can't people just point out they are not happy instead of cheating?
Wow, I am holding my anger and this guy just freaking hit his wife! No no, no going back now
No she is doing the right thing..she is smart, let her have one last pleasure & ditch him like trash... that's what he deserves...Fkin moron...😤😠👿
Rosie you don't have to put up with his crap and verbal abuse and abusing uou as is time for you to leave and teach him a lesson that he can't screw around with every freaking woman while he is married to you.let him go so that you can move on with your own life.