Being Pure

Being Pure

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Dean and Elena By spnjackles Completed

Everything was going according to plan. She made it to college, had an adorable boyfriend and was going to live a happy life. She was going to be normal. That is, until a group of demons rip that dream right out from under her. Turned into something she doesn't quiet understand, Addison Blake is thrown into a world where nothing will ever be normal for her again. Forced to leave everything behind, she travels across the country with the Winchesters as she tries to find answers about what she is and why the demons have such interest in her. 

But that road leads to more than just answers. Addison finds herself falling for her green-eyed savior even though their lives are so crazy. But will Dean choose her safety over their happiness? 

The demons are planning something big and Addison is at the center of it. Caught in the power struggle between heaven and hell, Addison and the Winchesters race against the clock while discovering why the angels are so keen on removing Addison from the situation.

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ShortAceHell ShortAceHell Aug 05, 2017
Note to self: comment a nice thing about the impala to get Sammys seat.
PunkPowered PunkPowered Feb 14
Holy cow I just realized this is all one chapter. I go back and forth from books so this was really surprising when I realized I haven’t even finished the first chapter until now
imjustawettissue imjustawettissue Aug 24, 2017
ive seen about 445678543272717 pornos start out just like this
fvndoms fvndoms Dec 28, 2017
Maybe i’m a little critical but the again, addie just called my boys “children”
PunkPowered PunkPowered Feb 14
Honey you’re going to starve if you live with these guys (okay maybe not Sam)
fvndoms fvndoms Dec 28, 2017
i don’t really like addie. she’s not my favorite but eh, there’s a lot more chapters that can change my opinion