The fight for her            (Creepypastas x Reader)

The fight for her (Creepypastas x Reader)

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Dark_Dreams_Kill By kyepaw12 Updated Nov 11

Creepypasta x reader

This is my first story, so sorry if its not so great 

Y/n was a regular girl at least that's what it seemed. Her mom was a whore who brought guys home every night and her dad is always drunk but that all stops when she meets them...

If I were you I would've leaped out the window in an instant
story: i feel a burning sensation
                              me: DIS GIRL IS ON FIIIAAAA
Huh weird I always keep a pocket knife in my pocket shank him
I HAVE A STORY ENTITLED "INSANITY" it's all about creepypasta and stuff. it's actually a Creepypasta x Reader but you (the reader) has her name... she's a girl. Nah just saying. ANYWAYS!!! I LIKE YOUR STORY!!! <3
Sweetbug10 Sweetbug10 May 03
Saved by the *Wasted sign suddenly appeared* YOUR WELCOME Me: wtf just happened...
If my dad whipped me.......I would slice his face off grouge out his eyeballs slice his smicthh