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Kidnapping the Girl with the Tattoos | Lesbian Stories |

Kidnapping the Girl with the Tattoos | Lesbian Stories |

115K Reads 1.6K Votes 13 Part Story
Alicia Leddell By ThatGirlBeauty Completed

| Short Story | Completed | Lesbian |

Rated: MA - For Mature Audiences Only

Adriana experienced a love that she could never let go of in middle school. The same love that brought happiness into her life, and pain into her heart. After she turned twenty-two years old she decided to go get that love back. All the while, the girl that she loved was still fully convinced that she wasn't into girls. Adriana hates this, and kidnaps a now twenty-one year old Keira, whose body has gotten more mature with sexy tattoos. Adriana plans to keep her and make her admit that she loves her, and if she doesn't comply she will just have to torture her into saying the truth.

#763 Romance - Feb 25th

Can just imagine her with binoculars and a hot cocoa in hand xP
immakatykat immakatykat Mar 28
I could build almost anything u wanted not I could almost build anything I wanted because that would be implying that you could almost build anything , like anything u wanted but u couldn't
QueenNeia76 QueenNeia76 Mar 21
There is a spacing error here. Maybe Wattpad was acting up...
TheWeirdOne4ever TheWeirdOne4ever 5 days ago
My bestfriend told me she liked me ( both of us girls, she pan I'm straight) I told her I wasn't in to girls, and for about a month when ever I talked to guys she got kinda jealous. But she eventually got over it, so glad me and her didn't end up like this
Ummmmm....defiantly not a stalker.....nooooo.....* shakes head slowly *
dlajah_moore dlajah_moore Nov 16, 2016
The bro she need to eat I can't even go two hours man😢🍖🍖🍖