Enjoy Today (Twenty one Pilots)

Enjoy Today (Twenty one Pilots)

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mckenziemaitre By mckenziemaitre Updated Jul 01, 2017

Ella suffers from severe anxiety and depression. She has struggled with it her entire life. But it was almost as if she had a cure. Her dad. But after her dad suffered a massive heart attack and passes away she feels as if she has no one.

Her mom forces her to go to a society group. Her mother has tried everything to bring the old Ella back. But nothing seems to work. She goes to the  society group expecting to be letdown once again.

But then something strange happens. And coincidences keep happening. When she makes A new friend at the society group named Tyler Joseph will things change? Or is she forever on this alone path?

Things to know!!
•Tyler & Josh are still in Twenty One Pilots.
•This will be a long fanfic!
•Not perfect, but I try my best!
•Vote & comment;)

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ferxanity ferxanity May 13, 2017
if i talked like that to my mom i would have to run while i can
hoseoktheangel hoseoktheangel Apr 01, 2017
I can relate, I feel so distant to my parents and I keep all my feelings bottled up inside, I don't tell my parents, my friends, I only confide in my internet friend... he's always been there for me, but it's hard
-trashfortozier -trashfortozier May 17, 2017
Honey i would write in a diary if i was that upset and couldn't talk to anyone
-upsidedowngeorgie -upsidedowngeorgie Apr 09, 2017
I freaking relate to this girl. Except for he whole dad part bc I don't have a dad I never met him like chat wise.
-trashfortozier -trashfortozier May 17, 2017
+ it's like my dad is dead, all he does is sleep and smoke cigarettes :/
skailer_ skailer_ Feb 23, 2017
Refrigerator* or just the fridge. Fridge is such a weird word