Enjoy Today (Twenty one Pilots)

Enjoy Today (Twenty one Pilots)

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Ella suffers from severe anxiety and depression. She has struggled with it her entire life. But it was almost as if she had a cure. Her dad. But after her dad suffered a massive heart attack and passes away she feels as if she has no one.

Her mom forces her to go to a society group. Her mother has tried everything to bring the old Ella back. But nothing seems to work. She goes to the  society group expecting to be letdown once again.

But then something strange happens. And coincidences keep happening. When she makes A new friend at the society group named Tyler Joseph will things change? Or is she forever on this alone path?

Things to know!!
•Tyler & Josh are still in Twenty One Pilots.
•This will be a long fanfic!
•Not perfect, but I try my best!
•Vote & comment;)

SinningSkeleton SinningSkeleton Dec 28, 2016
This is me 100% except my friends usually don't care about how I feel
TheBrightestOfBlues TheBrightestOfBlues Dec 26, 2016
I relate to this on such a spiritual level in my personal experiences that it's pathetic and also painfully depressing
My mom tries to diagnose me a lot. It sucks because she's a freaking psychology major and it works most of the time
go because Tyler's going and you need Tyler even if you don't know who that is it's okay because I know child
dm108760 dm108760 Jan 06
I like how in the description of this you said "won't be a long  story"
                              ANNND NOW there's 35 chapters
TheBrightestOfBlues TheBrightestOfBlues Dec 26, 2016
This character is so relatable to me oh my goodness. Almost every single thing is accurate