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Is This Real? || Akatsuki no Yona / Yona of the Dawn

Is This Real? || Akatsuki no Yona / Yona of the Dawn

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fate. By sxarletfate Completed

Face it.

If you're a OHSHC fanfic writer, you've all written down that your OC doesn't like the fact that they're rich.

But really, we all want to be rich. To be woken up every morning by a butler. To be given horseback riding lessons and fencing lessons. To be dressed in the world's latest trends. To eat something completely new everyday. To go to the Bahamas on a school weekend. To get whatever we want.

It would be a good life. Especially if you're me.

Eyre Avíva Katrín Agńes Cassia Vesper

19, 5' 7", known, beautiful, rich, born with purple eyes, about to inherit the family company, and thrown into an arranged marriage with someone I haven't even met.

Haha, not so great now is it?

Unfortunately, that's where my life is leading to at the moment. Yes it's something I shouldn't be complaining about this, but really, do YOU want to marry someone that may be a complete ass? Someone that may abuse you? Someone that is a perv? No? I didn't think so.

So what happens when the night before my wedding, after I wish for something exciting to happen that would lead me away from that life, I'm taken to the middle of the forest? And what if the first thing I see is a beautiful pair of ocean blue eyes, wanting to kill me...

(All rights go to their rightful owner! I do not own Akatsuki no Yona {although I wish I did... ._.} I only own Eyre and Harper! Hope you enjoy!)

Is it bad I kind of want to shoot hak and kija in the legs for being assholes to me
shiroshi_kamikaze shiroshi_kamikaze May 01, 2016
That really is bratty~ No offense to you though Authur-sama, 😊
- - May 18, 2016
Mother of godly locks and the satan of magical unicorn fart poofs.
                              That's a long name.
Prism_Sky Prism_Sky Jul 05, 2016
When I read about the OHSHC I was like... Freak I'm going to read this...
Tebocchi Tebocchi Aug 03, 2015
oh my god ! This is so exciting ! 
                              love your fan fic by the way X﹏X
tsubaki52703 tsubaki52703 Jun 02, 2015
I like this it's interesting, and She has real purple eyes like me