A Vampire Stole My Innocence

A Vampire Stole My Innocence

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Sophie Hayward By SophieHayward96 Updated Aug 02

Sophia may seem like an average person but she knows something not a lot of other people know. For one, she is in a town run by vampires and two, she falls in love with one of the most cruel and evil monsters out there. Dean Richardson.

Many events happen when Dean starts to play games on Sophia before doing something no woman could ever forgive. He takes her innocence. What is strange is that Sophia forgives him. There is a bond created between the both of them which may seem special and romantic for some, but is is dangerous as now Dean has a weakness. Her. When Cameron comes to town,  he plans on using that weakness to bring Dean down.

With many things happening, things that no one would ever expect, the characters are in for surprises as they fight to survive. But will it all be worth it in the end? Read to find out.

Highest Rank: #4 In Vampire

I'm confused are you going to be using the same pictures for this one as for "his possession"
Jensen Ackles!?! I know him as Dean winchester from Supernatural show.
XxRiah916Xx XxRiah916Xx Aug 08
I don't think its the name that makes the person a jerk, its the way they were raised
Liv_Oen Liv_Oen Nov 12
Someone told me if you dream about someone, they thought of u before they went to sleep
Inoo a jake hes no fit cute or a dick hes gay near enough a girl and the delicates little thing u will ever see 😂
I think she shouldnt be Sophia in this book because she is also Amelia in the other book which can be confusing to ppl who read the other book first or same thing the other way around, if that made any sense.