So You Tried to Put a Fire Out, but You Used Gasoline ~ Phan

So You Tried to Put a Fire Out, but You Used Gasoline ~ Phan

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mostly void, partially stars By emily1danielle Updated May 03, 2017

Dan has been having violent outbursts and Phil won't take "I'm fine" as an answer. His outbursts occur more and more every day, and they come to the conclusion that there is something medically/mentally wrong with him. 
Just one trip to the doctor's office and one diagnosis could change everything.

(I'm really bad at writing summaries but please just give this story a try. I'm making it sound bad but it's good I swear...)
Strong language 
Mentions of abuse
Slight (seriously not that much) mentions of sexual content 
Manic episodes
Medical/mental health conditions (I don't know if that should be a warning or not but I'll put it here anyway)

Enjoy my lovelies <3

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samiswerid samiswerid May 18, 2017
This part made me so sad😭. Phil is so pure and innocent that I can't help feeling sorry for him and Dan. Even if this is fiction
Cupcake_Clemmings Cupcake_Clemmings Jun 03, 2017
If everything bad happens to him, just kiss him to calm down
TranslucentWitch TranslucentWitch May 18, 2017
So You Tried To Put A Fire Out But You Used Gasoline by Panic! At The Disco by Fall Out Boy
Amazing_Kirsten Amazing_Kirsten Jul 05, 2017
Wow lots of explaining. If I wrote a story it'll end up like, I, and, then. That's literally all I explain 😂
SammyTheSinner SammyTheSinner Oct 29, 2016
I hate the feeling after those times. I have PTSD and when I have those moments, i always feel so broken after.