The One I Love

The One I Love

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Book 1 of the The One Series:

Blood. Sweat. Bruised knuckles. That's what describes Maeve Volkov's life for the past seventeen years. After her mom died when she was ten, she was placed into the foster care system. When her biological dad steps into the picture, she jumps at the chance to leave behind a life that haunts her. Though leaving the past behind will be harder to do than she thought but she's not as alone as she was before. Her family isn't the only ones who are looking out for her and she will learn love shows up at the most unexpected time. 

Guns. Protection. Loyalty. That's all Makar Vasiliev life's been about since meeting Dante Volkov. Every thing he does has been to protect the only person who ever saw him as good. When Dante is suddenly brought the fact that he has a daughter, his employer's life is not the only one that changes. Seemingly quiet and shy, Maeve Volkov is not what he expected and even after her past comes to light Makar will do everything to protect her. No matter the costs.

  • action
  • agedifference
  • bestfriend
  • dad
  • dadsbestfriend
  • demisexual
  • family
  • fostercare
  • grace
  • love
  • maeve
  • mafia
  • makar
  • midnight
  • romance
  • russian
  • streetfighter
missbeachy03 missbeachy03 Jun 22, 2017
I like how your doing it like this instead of actual Russian writing. Cause sometimes its annoying
briwoos21 briwoos21 Mar 13, 2017
I read that in a Russian accent and it was great 😂😂😂😂😂
DeedsReads DeedsReads Apr 10, 2016
Has this changed or has it just been that long since I read it before? I don't remember Grace helping her before but i like it..makes them closer