Princess lucy heartfilia ( a fairy tail fan fiction )

Princess lucy heartfilia ( a fairy tail fan fiction )

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Cici352 By Cici352 Updated Aug 23, 2016

( I know there's a lot like this stories but it would mean a lot if you check it out ) 

Not wanting to leave her friends and her beloved guild behind which are practically her family . Lucy finds herself in a hard situation....

after lisana's return team natsu want to spend time together to catch up . lucy is temporarily kicked out of the team where lisana replace her . her mothers death day approaching lucy goes to the heartfilia state where she discover shocking news that will keep her away from her friends for a while

What will Lucy decide ?
Will she go ? 
Will she stay ?
Is a more important and dangerous future awaiting her ? 


will Carla accept that FISH from HAPPY ? 

Find out by checking out this story
there's a lot of story like that so if you find similar ideas , i'm not trying to copy

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Andyzabetch Andyzabetch Apr 11
Once I read the description I was like OH HELL YESS MY NEW FAVORITE DOESNT MATTER IF IT BADLY WRITTEN I LOVE THIS AUTHOR!!!! Also Carla NEEDS to accept the fish.
                              Natsu Dragneel And Gray Fullbuster 
                              Last words: Ice freak and Ash Brains
                              Death By: Being banged on the head really hard by Erza Scarlet.
AngelZWolf AngelZWolf Jun 28, 2017
                              Also we could just go and watch it or read fairy tail.
xXBadAngelXx xXBadAngelXx Mar 28, 2016
Nice to know someone else is reading the manga😆😆😆 I don't watch the anime that much anymore
Yummbunn Yummbunn Apr 06, 2016
Salmon hair. 
                              Lol pink-like spiked hair 
                              Salmon hair sheeple
StupidlyJay StupidlyJay Apr 07, 2016
*Posh Accent* Would you like me to pour you a cup of guys, love?