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Werewolves are terrifying, don't let anyone tell you otherwise. 

Do you remember the spooky tales that mommy and daddy used to tell you to keep you in bed so they could run off for "personal time"?

It's all true. Down to the monsters under your bed. 

I didn't believe it either, not even when over fifty black cars with tinted windows rolled into the smallest town in eastern USA. 

I used to be a waitress by night and high school student by day, stuck in a town that was suffocating me.

But then I met Vince Sylvester and my life couldn't have gotten worse. 
***This is a first draft with mistakes and plot holes, please tread carefully. Dangerous waters ahead. Pun intended.

Also, I would like to warn everyone: There is no such thing as mates in this novel. There is something that resembles mates but it is not, at the end of the day, mating. It is a connection completely different from the norms of mates. It's actually pretty horrifying.

In addition, this book contains WAY more that werewolves. Otherwise, it would have still been in the werewolf section.***

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- - Dec 06, 2015
They ask me wrong questions too! Like....oh! Ur doing a bachelors in physics? U could have done better! U should have gone to medical school!
                              Im like... 😬
ed2wfu ed2wfu Nov 20, 2015
Adding this to my list for sure! Crazy good! Keep on writing!
kk_maier2001 kk_maier2001 Nov 19, 2015
I haven't even gotten to the first chapter and I'm hooked lol. I saw your cover and my hand tapped it before I even knew it. I wish my cover would be like that
mintysweet112 mintysweet112 Oct 21, 2015
Love the start! Your an amazing writer! I myself, am a first time writer and was wondering for some feedback or any advise you can give! My first 'story' is part 1 and is called On The Inside! Check it out!!
midnightmvelvet midnightmvelvet Oct 11, 2015
The cover for this story is to die for. Who did it for you? Because that person really did a heck of an amazing job.
Ladyray1994 Ladyray1994 Oct 08, 2015
Love how you started and your cover for this story is amazing