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❤Toto Africa❤ By Star_born Completed

****This Book Has Not Been Edited*****

"You'll never find a rainbow if you are looking down"  Charlie Chaplin.

Darkened  Heart.

Way to go, set your boundaries from the get go, let the haters, naysayers know up front. That just made the story even more appealing
suckerforfictions suckerforfictions Dec 22, 2015
Proud sister I'm writing a black guy, Turkish girl story. Time to have more diversity in these books. Well done!
- - Dec 09, 2015
I love your approach with your story! As A black girl who is half Jewish- I am interested to see how this works!
zinzey zinzey Dec 06, 2015
I've only read the authors note but I'm already so excited!!! Lol
Star_born Star_born Oct 12, 2015
That''s the last edited chapter You have to wait until I update the next chapter
rushda614 rushda614 Oct 12, 2015
Nme soma it's amazing but plz some one help me how can I read the whole story