FlyGirl 2.0

FlyGirl 2.0

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Liz Charnes By LizCharnes Updated Jun 01, 2018

When Siobhan McIver is kicked out of her family, handsome mob boss Alexander Cosetino is there to pick up the pieces. It's like a fairy tale.

Except for the fights. And the bruises. And a certain snarky FBI agent named Jason Donnelly.

Getting over a bad breakup is hard enough. Getting over one with an obsessive, stalking, and violent mob boss is another thing altogether. With no money, no job, and no college degree Siobhan has a lot of obstacles in her way. Fortunately, she's good at finding the way out. After all, sometimes the way out is up. 

FlyGirl 2.0 is the revised FlyGirl.     
Cover by Liz Charnes.

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