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Liz Charnes By LizCharnes Updated May 27

Quirky college student Siobhan McIver gets kicked out of her family after stumbling on a dark secret within her family's multinational law firm. 

Fortunately, her much older boyfriend, Alexander Cosetino, is there to support her. Before long, he proposes marriage...but Siobhan's not so sure.

The thing is, she kind of has her own plans, which include going to school and practicing law. Not to mention the fact that she's kind of crushing on this smart ass FBI agent who may or may not be using her to advance his own career.  And then there's Alex himself. Why does it seem like he's not going to take no for an answer?

It's when she finds out that her engagement is not so much spontaneous as was arranged, Siobhan finally wakes up and sees her golden handcuffs. 

Siobhan may be backed into a corner, but she's not trapped. Sometimes the way out is up. 

The FlyGirl Series:

The Summer Associate
Mrs. Cosetino

Cover by Liz Charnes.

LizCharnes LizCharnes Feb 28, 2016
@MariaBalestreri :) Naughty, right? It sums up S. I'm glad you're enjoying it!
DebaratiGhose DebaratiGhose Mar 17, 2016
Your intro says a lot. I am here to dare and continue (ha ha). Sorry, for reaching so late to your works, I have been a jerk lately :D
Bales3ri Bales3ri Feb 28, 2016
AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH! It's illegal only if you get caught!! I should repeat that to myself when I do something "bad"!!! LOL, love you so far
CrystalREnriquez CrystalREnriquez Oct 18, 2015
Does it matter which book I add first or is there an order in which to read?
Glorialiu22 Glorialiu22 Oct 06, 2015
anyway i like this and I’m a Chinease student i want to improve my English so i want make friends with everybody
MistressOP MistressOP Sep 22, 2015
Sigh I feel you on the adult stuff. Wattpad is sometimes really confusing about the sex and langue thing. ThAt mature hammer is confusing