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What's in a week?

What's in a week?

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666ItsFinnley By 666ItsFinnley Completed

The quiet, to be feared, number one proxy, Masky has been struggling with his sexuality for years now, and it's taking a toll on his health. He is greatly looking forward to the annual creepypasta vacation with his best friend Hoodie until Slenderman demands he stay and train his own personal pain in the arse... Fellow co-worker of 17, Toby, to the utter joy (sarcasm) of the 26 year old man. But what do they say?

Time flies when you're having fun.

w͊͢oŵ̳͝ ók̩ayͫ ͠t̶͍̍hͮi͝s͔͒ ̱ͩ͝há͔p̜̀p̤̚͝ě͡ne͊d̩ͩ̀.
I'm surprised no ones triggered about the fact that Masky isnt a proxy
You strangle him and I will not hesitate to grab hoodies spare gun and shoot you
ȧ̼n̕y̙ó̲ne ̶̻͋w̸͙h͖͡o̺ t̷̖a̡ľ͈k̯̑s̢̽ t͇͑o̾ ̛̻͆m͓͠e
my pills aren't supposed to taste like anything dry....Yet they taste kinda like plastic and  something else i cant tell
NoHeart6564 NoHeart6564 4 days ago
Me packing.
                              Mom: Rae get packed!!!
                              Me: one clean shirt... Okay I'm done!