OBSESSED |kian lawley fan fiction| ON HOLD

OBSESSED |kian lawley fan fiction| ON HOLD

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aliyah By diamondpages Updated Jul 28, 2017

"I don't know who you are but you need to stay the hell away from me." I said answering the no caller ID call sternly,  the shakiness in my voice clearly evident. 

The person hangs up before saying a word, a loud pounding on my apartment door startles me, making me jump. I call out Taylor's name to see if it's her but there was no answer, the door knob begins to turn causing Charlie to bark uncontrollably, I hurriedly run to my room and lock the door behind me.

I panic and clench my phone tightly in my hands, siting with my back pressed up against my door. What do I do now?

Emily Claire has a stalker, and they just might be closer to her than she anticipates.

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nesquikbbaby nesquikbbaby Oct 08, 2017
That's fine, in school random people come up to me when I'm getting my books out of my locker then they proceed to hold my hand and say "your hands are so soft"
BeanieBoy BeanieBoy Jul 10, 2017
Is it weird that I get told "you have nice legs" by random strangers on a daily basis
goldencamila goldencamila Aug 09, 2017
It was probably Kian, he searched her number in Taylor's phone OHMUBHSKSKS why do I find this story kinda creepy