Loki's Sister                           {Loki Fanfiction}

Loki's Sister {Loki Fanfiction}

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- Caris - By CxsWinchester Completed

When I was 13 I found out I had a older brother named loki Laufeyson, who was    taken from my people, the frost giants.Odin thought that will bring our people together but it might just rip us apart.
I'm Clarisse Laufeysdottir and I'm going to find my brother.

 3,185 Words
12 chapters 

I do not own marvel characters or Theresa Gray (from T.M.I.)
The only characters I own are Clarisse and James.

May 31, 2015

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RengadeWriting RengadeWriting Jun 01, 2016
Just a friendly tip, if she's a girl she wouldn't be 'LaufeySon' she would be 'Laufeysdottir' That's actually the way it goes in Norse Mythology