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Young_Wild_Love By young_wild_love Updated 5 days ago



A deep hypnotizing voice called my name again and again making me walk further in the forest.
"Wh..where a..are you?" i asked the voice that sounded a man's voice, but there was no reply so i turned around to go home.

" veronica " the same voice whispered in my ear making me freeze on my spot. i felt his hand's touch my arms their fingertips slowly running up and down my hand.
his hot breath was fanning my neck, his warm toungh licked my soft spot behind my earlobe and i couldn't help but moan. then he took my earlobe in his mouth sucking on it.

my knees have gone week and the feeling was too much for me to take in and i started to black out but before i could fell to the ground two hand's hold my waist and held me up to their chest and then picked me up bridal style.
I opened my eyes to see his face but there was no face no body at all i couldn't see anyone but i can still feel his warm body lifting me up and with that i black out completly.


JaneeCrow JaneeCrow Sep 20, 2015
So far, this is a good read. However, it has a lot of grammatical errors and needs much editing,  to help it reach its full potential.
JaneeCrow JaneeCrow Sep 20, 2015
Well just because one is an adult, doesn't mean they're smarter. I have met some pretty dense adults in my day.