Another Chance (Natsu x Reader) ||ON HOLD||

Another Chance (Natsu x Reader) ||ON HOLD||

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(*`ω´) By Twilight_Night Updated Aug 12, 2015

(Y/n) (L/n) was always called weak, even by her guild mates. So she runs away, from her past, her life and even her loved one. 

But 1yr later she dies, and nobody seems to care. What happens if she comes back? Changed completely.

NO ONE can beat her in battle. When she comes back, to the people who once called her "weak" and "helpless." What will they say? Will they even remember or recognize her? Or is she just out for revenge? 
And can a certain pink haired pyro change those plans?

Disclaimer: I DO NOT own ANYTHING. Hiro Mashima does. I just own the plot.


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Levi: tch, you brats stop treating my daughter like crap or I'll be your worse nightmare
Oh this hoe *stabs her 37 times in the chest and cuts off her hands* I do not kill people that is my lease favorite thing to do
Natsu, darling you know I love you, but if your don't stop I'll tie to a chair and make you watch as I slowly kill Lucy in the most painful way possible then, weather you like it or not we're gonna get married and have some kids, so baby step out
sarcasky sarcasky Aug 10
*grabs a chainsaw from the garage*
                              AIGHT, WHERE THIS BÎTCH AT!?
-Sarah_Dee- -Sarah_Dee- Sep 08
I have my hair long and short. Since it grows so damn fast. Jesus christ
love-momo love-momo Aug 31
Hey nobody said you hade to you could have just left me there