Another Chance (Natsu x Reader) ||ON HOLD||

Another Chance (Natsu x Reader) ||ON HOLD||

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(*`ω´) By Twilight_Night Updated Aug 12, 2015

(Y/n) (L/n) was always called weak, even by her guild mates. So she runs away, from her past, her life and even her loved one. 

But 1yr later she dies, and nobody seems to care. What happens if she comes back? Changed completely.

NO ONE can beat her in battle. When she comes back, to the people who once called her "weak" and "helpless." What will they say? Will they even remember or recognize her? Or is she just out for revenge? 
And can a certain pink haired pyro change those plans?

Disclaimer: I DO NOT own ANYTHING. Hiro Mashima does. I just own the plot.


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Theine_Shirasagjio Theine_Shirasagjio Dec 02, 2017
Levi: tch, you brats stop treating my daughter like crap or I'll be your worse nightmare
_purplephoenix_ _purplephoenix_ Dec 13, 2017
Damn you bitch, wipe that smile off your face, or I whip it of, and GO BE A FAKE BARBIE DOLL WOMAN, NO ONE NEEDS YOU
not to be rude but. . .she doesn't have golden hair and she has fake tits.
We truly are alike. I literally said the same thing a few paragraphs back. As for YOU Natsu... Another bitch gonna die tonight.
Is it bad that I'm laughing after reading that?
                              Along with the fact that when (Y/N) asked to do something she always wanted, she was going to go somewhere to get a knife and slit her throat in front of everyone?
you mean a towel, because tile sounds like I just wet the floor.