hello, beautiful

hello, beautiful

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🌻 By harshenixx Updated Dec 30, 2015

in which two people learn to love and accept life through a series of meetings, literature and their journey of finding themselves.   

all it started with was two words : hello, beautiful.   

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lypophreniac lypophreniac Jun 09, 2016
Harsheni, why?!?! How are you able to write such good stories?!??!
Umie_05 Umie_05 Aug 02, 2016
I dnt even know how this is going to b.. But I'm in love with it ALREADY!! ❤️
UnsinkableShips UnsinkableShips Jan 25, 2016
This already sounds so amazing, I can't wait to start reading <3
vintagebeats vintagebeats Jan 03, 2016
This sounds really good. Also I love the name Ezra by the way.
cityvogues cityvogues Nov 25, 2015
I love the name EZRA sm that's why I named one of my characters ezra. And, I LOVE THIS?! This is pure genius. <3
EmSlough EmSlough Jun 02, 2015
Thanks for the dedi! I'll try and read this soon! It looks good! c