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Analea Daniels.

Jack of all trades, or Jill, if you will. 

Wanderer, wayfarer, nomad, gypsy, drifter 

She meets new people every day and she creates a new identity for herself in every new city. She's been a casino dealer, a lounge singer on a cruise ship, a white-water rafting guide, a scuba instructor, a wildfire fighter. She's worked with archaeologists, marine biologists and safari guides. You name it, she's probably done it. 

Obviously, she's a girl who thrives on adventure. And what could be more adventurous than traveling the globe with the hottest band in the world? That's her new calling and she's set to convince 1D that she's their woman. And she convinces all of them, except a very skeptical Harry, who seems hell bent on outing her as a fake. But somewhere in the mix, they end up falling for each other, and that's when things get interesting.

judiir judiir Jul 04, 2016
Just starting to read your books. I don't see "finding Niall" anywhere.  Did you decide not to write it? I LOVE Niall.
OnlySarcasm OnlySarcasm Jun 02, 2015
you. must. write. this. i. swear. to. heaven. i. will. stalk. you. and. force. you. to. write. it.