heart - throb • a tronnor au ✔️

heart - throb • a tronnor au ✔️

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Troye is a famous, teenage heart-throb who over reacts about everything.  The smallest problem could be seen as the end of the world in Troyes eyes.  Everybody who is anybody knows exactly who he is; well, almost everybody. 

Connor Franta; one of the most isolated people in LA. He's holding down 2 jobs, and high school. so he almost never has enough time to catch up on pop culture. 

So what happens when Troye is forced to attend Connor's school? Find out in Heart-Throb. 


School starts at 9am but I get there at like 10 or 11 then leave early
                              Some may say that I am a "Bad Student" I prefer "Un-interested in the stupid ass education system so I refuse to learn anything"
I like Bethany in this. I thought she was gonna be really bitchy but she is legit just me
- - Dec 19, 2016
He's too beautiful to be human, so he's a 'creature'... I hear ya