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The Demon Kings Mansion 1 (boyxboy)

The Demon Kings Mansion 1 (boyxboy)

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Kentomi Sama By Kentomi-sama Completed

The Demon King was a very...unique man that just wanted his people to coexist. One day, the king sent his guards out to search for eight males that he's heard of. The eight males would stay in one of his spare mansions and learn to get along. The males consisted of three demons, an angel, a black angel, a werewolf, and two hybrids. 
Wynter's POV
I was walking home from work normally like I always do. I turned the corner into an ally and three guys in suits stopped in front of me. "Are you Wynter Satomi?" One asked in a deep voice. "Why are you asking?" I asked annoyed. What did these guys want from me? "The king requests your presence and we are instructed to use force if necessary." The one behind me said as I sighed. What the hell?! The king this had to be a joke, that perverted weirdo wanted to see me? "Well I'm not interested." I said as my eyes began to glow red. Yeah, I'm a hybrid, im half vampire and half demon. I suddenly felt a sharp pain in my rib and I felt dizzy...
When I w...

MichIsWeird MichIsWeird Mar 23
Um.... his hobby should be "trying NOT to get killed by Titans" or "fücking Jean".
kloveyaoi1 kloveyaoi1 Feb 28, 2016
Sairento X Wynter for life... I can see that happening and I ship it, much more than Hotaru X Wynter.
sangwoo_wifeyaf sangwoo_wifeyaf May 05, 2016
if you say
                              sairento like a japanese person would it sounds like silentó
oliviyah444 oliviyah444 Dec 04, 2016
I'm really bad at remembering names with faces, sooo I'm probably going to be looking back at this a lot
BossyCruel BossyCruel Jul 30, 2016
I love there likes and dislikes...the reaper my favorite so far
Demon_ruler Demon_ruler Jun 23, 2016
This guy is exactly like me I don't dislike anyone. I'm just more of a keep to myself person and slightly violent but I don't hate anyone