Ashton Irwin Imagines (ft. smut & daddy kinks)

Ashton Irwin Imagines (ft. smut & daddy kinks)

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Ashton ❤ By irwinsxcurls Updated Sep 27, 2015

My hammered against my chest. Ashton would be home soon. It was New Years'. And I wanted to make it special.

Hands trembling, I adjusted the salad bowl and plates on the kitchen table. Now all I had to do was get dressed.

I wanted to look sexy, of course I did. But I was worried about overdoing it... What if I just ended up looking stupid?

"Come on, I can do this," I muttered to myself.

Truth is, Ashton and I had never done anything that serious before- I mean, the furthest we had ever gone was kissing. And he was so freaking patient and kind, that boy, he was always happy with whatever I was happy with. That's why I loved him. He's an angel.

I stared at myself in the mirror, in only just my underwear. I was wearing a lacy black bra and matching panties, with lace trimmings along the thighs and ass. Snatching my favourite dressing gown, I threw it on and tied it loosely around my waist, so that you could see a hint of my bra peeking through.

Mildly suggestive, but not too much. ...

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No regrets just love we can dance until we die you and I we'll be young forever
What Orem embers the teenage dream cover where Luke sing when you sell  the funchline wrong??
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Castiel wut are you doing here!...hell...what am i doing here!? 😂😂
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I'm looking for a apartment in hell anyone want to be roommates?