"Nothing's Wrong"|| z.m

"Nothing's Wrong"|| z.m

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[COMPLETED ✔️- Book 2 in the Zayn Malik Sickfic Series]

Zayn almost drowned. His life was almost cut. He was almost murdered. Almost.

But there's no joy in living when the memories haunt you in the day...and in the night. The poor lad has already experienced so much. Will he be able to gather enough courage once again? The fear that has latched itself to his heart, it doesn't seem to want to let go. Even the boys can't help when Zayn doesn't want help. He doesn't want them near him, he wants to be alone. In his eyes, nothing is wrong. 

[BEWARE- Lots of Ziam]

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The_1D_Zayniac The_1D_Zayniac May 20, 2016
Yes!!! Go to the Caribbean and pleeeeaaaaaaase visit Guyana!!!!!!!!!!
Bree__XXL Bree__XXL Jun 03, 2015
This is totally different from what I thought this story would be. I feel it's going to be even better than the first!! Now I have to mentally prepare for the emotional roller coaster of emotions I'm going to have!!
Loveyouzaynister Loveyouzaynister Jun 01, 2015
Omg I'm so excited :D 
                              Is there going to ziam in it? Plzzzzzz say yes :) I can't wait for another update :)