Tease Me Alpha

Tease Me Alpha

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"Why are you denying me what's rightfully mine?"

"Because nothing here is yours." I replied lowly.

"Lie again. You are mine, wether you choose to embrace it or not, but I'll make you give in. When I take you and you're screaming my name, begging me to Fuck you in ways you never knew possible, I want to hear you say you're not mine again if you think you can."

Holy shit. His words just unleashed Niagara Falls In my pants.

He must of sensed my arousal and smirked before turning to walk away.

"Oh and" He turned to face me with a smile.

"My name is Xander."
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so far, so good! My parents dont give a sht about me. when i passed a test, they be like, "eh, good job" and walk away. life's great 👍
L0V1N6 L0V1N6 Feb 05, 2016
Ever since watching pearly as a child I will always associate that name with something evil
ImaginaryFreckles ImaginaryFreckles Apr 12, 2016
Y'all are stupid, her name isn't Tori Blake anymore she changed it to John Cena.
-sighsyd -sighsyd Jun 24, 2016
My parents ain't even proud of me when I get and A on tests and quizzes. They just say, "Eh" and leave. So yeah. Life's great
S-T-O-P-I-T S-T-O-P-I-T Jul 08, 2016