Gay College - 5sos AU

Gay College - 5sos AU

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I write gay fanfiction By 5sosxxphan Updated Jul 31, 2016

in which four boys share a dorm in college, from science fairs and soccer matches to parties and skipping class.


(this book is chill and happy, it obviously has drama and plot twists but in the end it's just a book of four characters who share loads of adventures together, with no central plot)

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KristenUnfounded KristenUnfounded Mar 21, 2017
Luke and Calum are great but Calum and Michael at cute. Then there's Ashton.
                              Seeeee my Dilemma? I could never ship Ashton. Guess I'll have to read further to finally make a decision.
kyleezzyy kyleezzyy Jul 17, 2016
no but me and my cousin used to play " doggy daycare " and then we made up charts for dogs and made up names and DOB's
no1givesafuk no1givesafuk Jun 19, 2016
i didn't 'play' was my life i seriously thought I was IN college
Doodle5sos Doodle5sos Feb 08, 2017
Ayyyyyyyy Florida that's my state! With our four seasons - Rainy, deathly hot, lovebug, and snowbird lol
LorenceDegillo LorenceDegillo Feb 23, 2016
Hahaha.. The name of the cast are inspired by 5sos members;) how cool.. Hahaha I am fan of 5sos btw.
mahlum mahlum May 19, 2016
MALUM pls pls i know im late and my opinion doesn't matter but pls