Teen Wolf (Imagines)

Teen Wolf (Imagines)

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#UNICORNSAREREAL By sprayberry__ Updated Jul 16, 2016

You were the new girl in school and you wanted to try out for the lacrosse team, But you we're afraid that the coach might laugh at you. Since your a girl, a freshman girl. You didn't stand a chance. As a young girl you loved lacrosse but people said 'lacrosse is for boys'. NOW is the time to prove them wrong and you finally got the courage to try out. 

You were on the field and no one seemed to notice you were a girl since you had your hair hid in the lacrosse helmet . You stood there as goalie. As you stood their in goalie not one ball passed you. You heard many gasps.

"hey coach who's that?" scott, the team captain asks the coach. 

"(Y/L/N), .....alright liam your up." The coach said.

Liam stepped forward as it was his turn. 

Everyone knew he was the best player yet, aside from scott. But let's see if he is the true best. You swinged your lacrosse stick like it it was a samurai sword. Bring it on pretty boy... you thought. 

As liam swings....as ball flew in the air everyone's ...

Void_Angel Void_Angel Jul 01, 2016
I started crying as soon as I saw the title. But I'm still happy for him
CatherynSarah CatherynSarah Nov 07, 2016
I don't even know what lacrosse was until I watched Teen Wolf😂
-bearox -bearox May 12, 2016
Eh my mom has always wanted me to play lacrosse but I'm not really into being attacked by hard balls (I've learned from softball that isn't fun at all and thats why the only sport I do is track now)
holy_ben_solo holy_ben_solo Mar 04, 2016
I was the only girl on my ice hockey team. YOU CAN DO THIS GURL
Andie_AmericanPsycho Andie_AmericanPsycho Jan 26, 2016
What about boobs? Or the way a girl moves? Almost everything about a girl's physique is different. Even if you body build and have a 'pole' figure
popcornmouse popcornmouse Oct 05, 2015
Ha. There were 60 girls who tried out for my school's team and zero guys. It was like an army of chicks.