The Hidden Sunshine (OHSHC) [EDITING]

The Hidden Sunshine (OHSHC) [EDITING]

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Asiya ☾Hiya☽ Kageyama By AsiyaHiya Updated Jul 22, 2015

"We can't like her like that! Don't you guys know that we're hosts?!" Tamaki yelled

"Senpai, what is with this rule you all have? Why don't I know about it?" Haruhi asked

"Because there's no chance of you falling into that situation" Kyoya replied
"Haruhi, if we want to stay as hosts, we cannot fall in love"

"But, her time is running out! If she won't experience love from us, then she will from someone else. She'll be taken by...another boy."
Kitaori Eclipse is a first year honor student in Ouran Academy.
She's specializing in literature and chemistry. She's also a talented fencer outside of school.

Sad thing is that she is suffering from Erythropoietic Protoporphyria, a rare blood decease in which a person is allergic to natural and artificial light. It unables her to do the things that she likes or dress a certain way. Despite her dark and gloomy appearance, she's generally the opposite.

As the lack of sunlight is draining the life out of her, the hosts gets a bit fond of her charm, and soon enough, they acknowledge each other. 

*Contains Strong Language* *But it makes it funnier*

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1xmirukux1 1xmirukux1 Aug 29, 2017
Please tell me someone finds a cure saves her then she becomes beautiful again?!?!?!
msblackprincess01 msblackprincess01 Oct 10, 2017
when i saw a sword art online character i just 
                              click click click click
                              ang galing ni asunaaaaaa
CodeMari CodeMari Jul 19, 2017
I wonder if Ouran's Host Club is so radiant that it counts as light? JK, Jk!
1xmirukux1 1xmirukux1 Aug 29, 2017
Just to tell you people cannot die from lack of sun light or artificial light, it just causes them to go bow legged or other things people can not doe from it of they did then there is something seriously wrong.
1xmirukux1 1xmirukux1 Aug 29, 2017
Wow she's already dead lol it is disease not decease (means she's dead already)
Ch4tt3rb0x Ch4tt3rb0x Nov 11, 2017
I totally ship Kirito and Asuna, so..... Which one of these host club idiots is most like our beloved Kazuto Kirigiya? (ignore my spellings.)