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The dance studio

The dance studio

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レビ By Levisteaparty Completed

Eren is looking for a dance studio because he has a competition coming up and he doesn't want to lose. He finds his old dance studio from when he was a kid.

So he resigns up and is then assigned to this guy named Mr.Rivaille. Boy was he in for a treat.
Will Eren win the competition..? 
Will Eren take dancing to a whole new level..?

shutdown- shutdown- Jan 28
"When your legs don't work like they used to before"
                              And then I tripped on air.
                              The end.
Torias5 Torias5 Jan 28
TAKE IT OFF DADDYYYYYYY .........sorry I'm getting wayyyyy too into this lol
Ur future husband very soon to be husband 
                              And o my gash never thought everyone would give the same comment lol
I just pictured it and died😩💀 Damn his brutal sarcasm!
Please excuse me while I fangirl squeal *screams into pillow*
I'm going to put my computer in my mouth and S W A L L O W   I T.