Fifty Shades Of Torn

Fifty Shades Of Torn

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noseinabookforever By noseinabookforever Updated Jun 26, 2015

Austin's Point Of View:

It's been a year since I, "died". It's been almost six months since I've seen Anastasia and, it's been hard. After seeing her that final time, I decided that I should stop torturing myself and skip town. So I did.

That's how I ended Lanikai Beach in Oahu, Hawaii. I own a small little hut near the water. I work in a hotle near by at the bar and spend my off days fishing. I don't date and any other spare time I have is spent drinking until I become numb.

That is my goal, to stay numb. 

Staying numb means, I don't miss Anastasia as much. It helps the sting of regret from keeping me up all night.

I sigh as I sit on the beach, listening to waves, watching the sunset and, drinking another beer. Anyone else would be in awe of the viewing before me but, without Anastasia, everything is dull and gray.

All of this means, nothing.

I sigh and stand up, dusting off the back of my work pants. I had to head to the hotel for the night shift. It was a big night, some mill...

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AudreyGain AudreyGain May 31, 2015
Ohhh Mann......please no Austin,let him have a happy ending but not with Ana, PRETTY PLEASE!!!!
paurangel paurangel May 31, 2015
PS: I still want Ana and Christian together they are meant to be, please make Austin find a happy ever after next to another girl!!!
paurangel paurangel May 31, 2015
Holy macaroni!!! OMG!!!! sht!!! No words to express my feelings right now!!! Ahhh!! And the cliffhangers begin!!!
PagesOfBooks PagesOfBooks May 31, 2015
I'm so hooked! Cant wait for next update, although Austin is nice and all my faith goes to Christian ^.^ Great start
bnonother bnonother May 31, 2015
I think the "millionaire" is Elliot proposing to Kate....meaning Christian and Ana will be there....just a guess lol
paurangel paurangel May 31, 2015
Ahhhh!!!! OMG!!! I agree completely with @saoirse_mullxx like 100% lol!!! I can't wait!!