Get Away From Me BoyxBoy

Get Away From Me BoyxBoy

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Book 1

I see her run to the bush where my shoe is and screamed "Kat! That's not fair!! You cheated!" I only laughed. She was so adorable, like a kitten. I watched as she kept looking around, chewing on her bracelet in the process.
A habit she had ever since I knew her. 

I felt the limb under me begin to shake. 

What the hell?! 

Out of no where I heard a scream.

"Kat help me!" 

I jumped out of the tree and ran as fast as I could, hearing another scream, I ran even faster. Out of no where I felt a big force on the left side of my face as I fell to the floor.

What the hell!?

I groaned in pain as I sat up and looked at the person in front of me. A man I recognized, the man I met at the playground.

He looks the same, like he didn't age at all. But how!?

My eyes grew wide as I saw who was wrapped in his arms with a knife to her throat. Kris.

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CCyoungblood247 CCyoungblood247 Nov 18, 2017
Wait is a describing a kpop idol lmao (minus the grey eyes)😂
He is threatening a cinnamon bun goddess  (or priest at the very least) I'm gonna go get a pitchfork mkay
SassyTheQueen SassyTheQueen Mar 15, 2017
I love your cover😂☺ the guys probably like skert skert!
ZoreoKat ZoreoKat Sep 08, 2017
My Name ist Katharina and everybody calls me Kat owo
                              And i freaking love cats~
ggooll ggooll Sep 17, 2016
*thinking of something to say* .............*fails*
                              Ok whatever bye *walks away*
Saga-kohai Saga-kohai Dec 27, 2015
The picture of the guy looks like Miharu from Nabari No Ou...