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AnonomiaUnknownia By AnonomiaUnknownia Updated Oct 09, 2010

“Dad what about a clouded mind is that the same thing I mean look at them they fill the sky does the sky get confused?”,

His laughed echoed out but his laugh melted me I felt like I’d belonged. Oddly enough I realized his laughter was a little like he was trying to hide something then he said.

“A mind that’s clouded will always bring storms with it .But don’t forget it always brings the rain and the clouds shapes depend on the mind.”

Sunny Vontrescloud as been lf with out knowlege of her parents where abouts after they left on a buisness trip on her 11th birthday. Now fifteen Sunny's life has changed, saughting to dress rebelliously and clearing herself out of the 'It' crowd at a boarding school for the rich and elite Sunny is faced with struggles against her biased principle Mr. Zemy and ex- bestfriend and Queen Bee Helga Stone. Just when things couldn't get any worse a boy from her past comes into the equation, his name Aiden Horizsun. Life turns in a weird position as Sunny starts to notice weird happenings. For one thing she starts becoming close to Aiden and for another she starts to see things that are no normal. The dissapearance of a teacher who claimed she was a spawn of satan and then seeing different weather dialouges on peoples heads. Is their something more to theases occurences? That is what Sunny has to find out. And what about Aiden is he what he seems? What is with the sudden attraction she feels towards him?