Nothing can Ever Save Me

Nothing can Ever Save Me

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Krcupcake By Krcupcake Updated Aug 02, 2017

"Hey Emerald" I heard Clayton yell out 
trying to get my attention. 

I keep going I know that I am currently two houses away from my own but I still don't want to take a chance. I'm never safe they are always watching me always.

He's shuts the engine to the car off and gets out making his way towards me. "Emerald I came by to give you a ride to school." he says while getting in front of me to block my path. 

I keep my head down not looking at him. 

"Please say something" he begs. "Come on get in the car." he says. But there is a hint of growl in his voice showing that he is getting frustrated.

I shake my head back and forth.

"Why not? look at me and talk." he says through clenched teeth. 

I open my mouth and cough hard causing a lot of pain through out my whole body. I don't look up at him but hear him sniff the air.

"Why is there the faint smell of a man and alcohol on you?" he practically growls again getting angry.

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fary_potter fary_potter Jul 31, 2017
Oh yes Mr.Alpha sir yelling at the top of your lungs is definitely going to calm her down!!!
riff_life riff_life May 26, 2017
                              I have to apologize for my behavior sometimes and right now is one of those times.
Nerdandproud26 Nerdandproud26 Apr 20, 2017
Why would I hurt you, I'm your mate instead I'm just gonna pin you to the ground
Anna_Alicorn Anna_Alicorn Jan 30, 2017
I love the cover. The girls expression just looks like 'B¡tch really?'
jayde241 jayde241 Jul 13, 2016
She should have played Good Enough that one is just piano and violin
Shifter101 Shifter101 Jan 31, 2017
That's one of my favorite songs, it's helped me get through some rough spots. Good choice for her.