Abduction ♤ Hayes Grier

Abduction ♤ Hayes Grier

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2pac's Baby Momma By DrizzyHayes_ Completed

"Who are you?" I asked 

"My name is Hayes." He said 

"Well, Hayes, why am I here?"

"Because you've seen too much."


                             Published May 2015
                       Completed November 2015


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  • adventure
  • criminals
  • danicathompson
  • escaping
  • gangs
  • hayesgrier
  • kidnapped
  • love
  • magcon
  • promises
lordjazzy lordjazzy Nov 02, 2017
That explains me cause I play basketball and I always have earbuds and I have ray ban glasses prescription
emwexo emwexo Sep 16, 2016
Yes bitch I do cuz if u did pick me up I wouldn't be gone deadass
bbygurlhj bbygurlhj Jul 12, 2016
im in basketball and i never trip, i trip people when i fake them out😏👏🏻
savagekennedy savagekennedy Nov 08, 2016
When you're name is in the story but not in a good way 😐😂😂😂
Deadpool_harley Deadpool_harley Nov 26, 2016
- record rewinds - yep thats me . 
                              Your probs wondering how i got here
AishaSantos_ AishaSantos_ Feb 21, 2016
Clap soud of my heart the beat goes on and on and on and on and boom clap you make me feel good come on to me come on to me now!