Harry's Love (A Harry Potter Love Story)(UNDER REVISION)

Harry's Love (A Harry Potter Love Story)(UNDER REVISION)

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Manda Green By XxCaboosiexX Completed

Warmth blossomed in my chest, bubbling up and soaring throughout my whole body. After months of doubting Harry would come back, doubting that he loved me at all, crying because I wanted him, now was the moment I knew. I was more sure about this than anything else in my life.

I was undoubtabley, unconditionally in love with Harry Potter.

"Rose," He whispered. The feeling burst inside me, and before I knew it, I was running towards him, happy tears rolling down my face. I leaped into his arms, wrapping my arms around his neck as he swung me around, hugging my waist.

"Harry, Harry, Harry!" I say his name because the I loved the way the sweetness lingered on my tongue. I couldn't believe he was here. He sat me down on the ground, leaving me to look up at him. I touch his face, cupping it with both hands.

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replaytinkdust replaytinkdust Nov 29, 2017
At first, I read, ‘Ron on my mind.’ And I thought,
                              Why are you thinking about your best friend.
                              Then, I read it again, and I was like ‘OHHHHHHH’😂😂😂
orionsblack orionsblack Apr 29, 2015
This is good writing, but I feel like your character is a bit of a Mary Sue, in the sense that she is described as perfect.
weirdness_ weirdness_ Apr 01, 2014
I think you meant Cloak. I'm not sure, sorry I just wanted to let you know.
- - Mar 16, 2014
Umm... what year is she? If she is not knew Harry shold know her, right? Great writing, but I am a bit curious:)
VeronicaLerman VeronicaLerman Oct 28, 2013
that awkward moment when the cover is from that one how to kiss video
MarauderNeyo MarauderNeyo Sep 23, 2012
Ooh.. It's interesting to say the least; but hey! I voted (together with some 60+ people out there) - which means your story really is awesome.