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Alpha Baine

Alpha Baine

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❤Ana❤ By aquiver Updated 6 days ago

It was quite possibly one of the most gruesome and  horrifying things I had seen in my life, as the chaos spun around me in a blur, warriors fought and died, blood was spattering against the walls like a thick paint, the whole room was filled with screaming. The moment I had been waiting for so long was finally here, I was finally going to die and crumble to the ground, breathe my last breath,  and let my lungs be cut from my chest. I looked up from the ground, from the dying body of my last blood relative, to see yellow eyes filled with a venomous hatred that burned deep.
  He growled, his gums drawing back to show yellow fangs, and pounced on top of me, snapping ferociously at my face before I looked up at him, directly in the eyes as he reared back his head for the final blow when he jolted  backwards slightly, his cunningly yellow eyes turning a dark brown before curls of smoke surrounded the wolf, and a naked man laid atop of me. The hatred and venom was replaced, a new emotion that I had only seen once before flashed through them as he uttered one four letter word, one syllable, that changed my entire world.
  Book One of the NightCliff Series
  [Cover: @sam-lovers16]

lizzy249 lizzy249 Mar 17
Your writing is amazing, and I normally don't comment on stories.
akera93 akera93 3 days ago
so funny that epsilons are important since in maths epsilons have a very low value and are barely above 0.
life_can_get_better life_can_get_better Dec 09, 2016
I thought it read uno ill tell ya my spanish is gonna be the death of me one of these days
jazzycool32 jazzycool32 Nov 04, 2016
Yes I knew I like u evanescence is my whole play list no joke
So far, so good. I'm actually really excited to start reading, this book that I luckily found!
friend- friend- Oct 12, 2016