The Book Store (Ereri/Riren) |COMPLETED|

The Book Store (Ereri/Riren) |COMPLETED|

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|COMPLETED| Levi Rivaille was never outgoing, he was always an introvert. You could say he repelled people in a way, and not just because of his death glares, but because of everything else. 

He liked books, preferably non-fictions. It seemed reading was the only thing he enjoyed, it was his escape from the world he hated. And so, he found a job at a local book store in which he worked part-time at and spent his free time there to read in the back of the store. 

He had put up walls around himself to avoid getting hurt ever again. But then comes Eren Jaeger, a boy with a miraculous smile and brilliant eyes. 

Levi had suffered many losses. People leaving and never coming back. 

But Eren stayed. And it all started with The Book Store.

-Crappy description but at least I tried. This is my first Ereri book. I hope you all like it!-


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Well got diddley dag nabit I can't read this book anymore. _:(´□`」 ∠):_
StaticCraze StaticCraze Aug 31
I actually prefer Ackerman but Rivaille good. Don't want to start any problems. :)
                              You may see yourself out now. WATCH OUT FOR FLYING KNIVES
ErerismyOTP ErerismyOTP Jul 13
Okay it's Petra. Levi you can join in on my daily cuddling if Eren Senpai *opens arms*
But his eyes are blue. 
                              If you tell me that they are grey, I'll start to rant and explain to you in detail that they are blue
I do!
                              What about how I feel? Some guys are just jerks and being in a relationship with a girl doesn't interest me.