I'm Sick

I'm Sick

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norika By rodens Updated Sep 16, 2016

Catching the chickenpox sucks. It also sucks when the class nerd is blowing your phone up with texts like an amateur. The story is told through exchanges of texts, emails and handwritten letters. 

[updates will be every couple of days]

 jared: So. . .How are you feeling?                6:34 PM 

 me: i'm still sick                                                   6:40 PM

 jared: Oh, I'm so sorry!                                     6:41 PM

 me: that meant go away                                   6:45 PM

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marvellous-abyss marvellous-abyss Mar 06, 2016
Heeeeyyy! I think I'm in love! Srsly, if this is even  1/4 as good as Beethoven I'll be so happy!
- - Jun 08, 2016
I like how she waited till the end to tell him the correct spelling of her name
vanilla-twilights vanilla-twilights Feb 23, 2016
I've added this book to my library since a long time ago but had no time to read until now. I think I'm gonna love this<3
- - Aug 08, 2015
Ahhhh been obsessed with reading text plots... imma like this one a lot... I can tell!
you have no idea the amount of times i have to correct people on this and know i'm passed the point of even caring anymore
RyanButterly RyanButterly Jul 16, 2015
Usually I don't check the new book section but I was mildly bored just now so I was like why not. I'm happy  I did because this is probably the best hidden gem I've found.  I'm very interested in seeing where you go with it.