Skybrine- The Evil Monster  [COMPLETED]

Skybrine- The Evil Monster [COMPLETED]

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bluemint125 By bluemint125 Completed

Herobrine has woken up from his death curse. He has a huge revenge plan, but this will be used on the Budder God to do it. Will Sky give in to the  Evil God? Or will he remain loyal to his friends?


    It's weird for me how I love reading stuff like this, but it makes me feel uncomfortable in whatever area it's talking about, like my eye for example
    TheLastCheeseCake TheLastCheeseCake Apr 11, 2016
    Is it weird that I'm not fazed by this even after just eating???
    AshlynnPowers AshlynnPowers Feb 13, 2016
    omg i made teh mistake of eating just before reading this o-o
    RWBY0001 RWBY0001 Aug 12, 2016
    Who knew herobrine was so uhhhh hes sooooooo violent 
                                  I mean this is off the charts
    BeccaWise4 BeccaWise4 Mar 07
                                  Rachel is my IRL sister and she has long brown hair pulled back in a ponytail.  Just no glasses.  XD
    Brine_Twins Brine_Twins Oct 07, 2016
    You should of said it would be EXTRAMLY GORY that would give them a better warning just saying