Bully Love

Bully Love

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DontItsMyUsername By DontItsMyUsername Updated Feb 07, 2013

"So? why are you so happy about your mum and step dad leaving?" Ryan asked with a confuse look. "Well they said I had to live with jace but i'm not fine with that and they won't be living with me anymore!" I repeated again so Ryan could understand this time. Ryan came and sit beside me and hold my waist while i was standing and he was sitting He pulled me closer and kissed my lower lip with passion.He was not embarrased? We were in a public place where people could see.

Well then ofcourse there is always a spoiler, Beca had arrived looking all angry. I pushed ryan away and said "Look you're hot bitchy girlfriend is here" I rolled my eyes at them and walked off. I looked back and beca was already hugging him and kissing him.

Well I was not that ready to live with my step brother, Jace He sort of loves to bully me but he get girls that he want at the tip of his fingers.

-continuing soon trust me it will go interesting Keep reading-