Avengers preferences

Avengers preferences

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Your Smile.

He loves your smile as it always seems to brighten up his day no matter what mood he's in, your smile is his 'light when he's in the dark' according to him. This makes him love you even more because even when your at your worst, you smile, so he's now made it his goal to make you happy for the rest of his life. To keep you smiling.


Your Eyes.

He loves your eyes immensely, especially since they're his favourite eye colour, (E/C). He says that he could 'Stare into them all day if he could'. He once took a picture of you just so he could look at your eyes when your away or your just not down in the lab with him. Tony says he's lame, but you think it's cute.


Your Hands.

For some strange reason he absolutely adores your hands. He loves holding them or just feeling them 'cause apparently according to 'They're as soft as a babies bottom' and 'They soothe him'. He once came over to you whilst you were nearing the end of a good book and just randomly grab...

DoctorSherLokiMalec DoctorSherLokiMalec Mar 13, 2016
The kindest words of all, 'I ain't moving my àss for shït'
Deal-With-It-M8 Deal-With-It-M8 Sep 18, 2016
That's probably the sweetest thing he could get me to say to him or anyone, but I might make an exception for him
RebelofHogwarts23 RebelofHogwarts23 Sep 24, 2016
Wait, so I'm just gonna be myself? Like everyday me? Okay... 😉
FallenAngelNamedSia FallenAngelNamedSia Nov 06, 2016
Clint was definitely Katniss! Right????? :) (I love hunger games, man)
- - Apr 29, 2016
Lol. My laugh is like a dying horse. Sometimes it goes up 3 octaves...
Zoiez20408 Zoiez20408 Mar 01, 2016
But imagine that he never told you he did so, and when all the bullying suddenly stopped, you were very confused.