Yours Truly 2: The Next Chapter ||COMPLETE|| {BOOK 2}

Yours Truly 2: The Next Chapter ||COMPLETE|| {BOOK 2}

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Book 2

The couple is back. Or should I say split up. Which one? Read book 2 to find out it Naomi and Raheem is still together.  

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Na come on if a man pput his hands on you and say they aint gonna never do it again you should know thats a lie come on you should of been left his ass that nigga dont love you
im still confused on who was fuckin in the morning was it raheem and na or na and will
QueenCvppin QueenCvppin Oct 12
This is not Raheem cuz he will never let sex last 3 min and he knows how to put it down😊
Lilly_62501 Lilly_62501 Jun 20, 2015
This is really good. I knew Will was to good to be true. Raheem would do better, he would never hurt her.✊